Would you like to sell your property?

Duna House knows how to turn your property into a client magnet? This and much more is on offer:

1Sell fast for a good price

Tajemstvím úspěchu je naše unikátní technické zázemí. Vedeme velké množství potenciálních kupujících, a snadno Vás tedy spárujeme se zájemcem. Výhodou tohoto systému je, že na prodeji nepracuje pouze Váš makléř, ale rovnou celá síť.


2Real estate valuation

We will estimate the price of your property for FREE. Duna House agents follow the development of the real estate market daily and can thus provide you with a qualified advice.


3Negotiation experts

15 years of experience on the real estate market and a comprehensive training of real estate agents is Duna House recipe for strong negotiation skills. Prague and its surroundings are our playground and we are steadily expanding to the regions.



You will be only introduced to motivated buyers that will have signed the Procuring Cause before visiting your property. Our physical security is thus ensured. The same applies to the security of your transaction – Duna House internal processes are well set up and your personal data together with information about the transaction are safe with us.


5Legal and financial services

Besides the matchmaking we provide you with legal and financial services provided by independent  EFA certified experts. Both the services of financial advisors and legal experts are for FREE.



Step by step  



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Our clients said

They quickly got a buyer. I turned to Duna House via e-mail to help me sell my apartment. One was quickly on the Internet and sold in a few days.

— Denis, Rusko