New service by Duna House - Advertisement PLUS Pack!

Only HUF 12.700!

From now on you have the opportunity to advertise on our website on your own

The new service is offered within a test period up to August 31st in Budapest and the following cities:




What is the difference between Advertisement PLUS Pack and a property advertisement placed on any portal?

  1. 1On most ad portals hundreds of thousands of properties appear, mainly because the same flat can be found multiple times. Your advertisement on these portals gets lost easily without the application of costly featuring options. On website there are only 25.000 properties, all without multiplication and with no need for expensive highlights or the purchase of extra credits.
  2. 2Our experienced sales agent will personally contact you, survey the property and help you:

    • in defining market value
    • with sales tips
    • with taking professional photos of the property should be needed
    • Kollégánk feltölti az ingatlant informatikai rendszerünkbe, természetesen kizárólag az Ön igényeinek megfelelően (Hirdetés Plusz Csomagnál értékesítőnk legfeljebb tanácsokkal láthatja el Önt, minden megjelenési paraméterről Ön dönt).
  3. 3You can choose to be contacted by your potential buyers via phone or –if more convenient for you- email, calling back those interested when it is suitable for you.

What is the difference between Advertisement PLUS Pack and services provided within standard Duna House assignment?

  • When choosing Advertisement PLUSZ pack, in exchange for a one-time fee of HUF 12.700 you can advertise your property on the portal for 30 days with no other related costs.
  • In case of a standard assignment Duna House provides effective traditional real estate brokering services for you, including the following among others:

    • Duna House sales channel is actively working on your property;
    • It is offering the property to its own clientele;
    • It is supporting your safety, thus not anyone is able to visit the property, and a signed declaration of the visit is prepared;
    • It is taking part in the agreement and bargain process with the potential buyers, the management of offers, closing of the property sales contract and smooth transaction.

Jelezze hirdetési szándékát még ma, forduljon hozzánk bizalommal!

Please enter personal data and data of the property to be advertised, and our colleague will get back to you soon:

16 pros for exclusive agreement

1 We are liked and trusted

2 Results prove us

3 We cooperate with the market

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Ügyfeleink mondták

Wide range of apartments, great access offices. I recommend (references to agent Ladislav Felbingerová)

— T.V., Praha

What will happen after the sending of the ad?

Send advertisement
Our expert colleague will contact you within 2 working days
Our sales agent will visit the property and take photos for the advertisement in a previously agreed time
Activate property among advertisements