Code of Ethics in Duna House Company

Duna House operates along specific ethical norms, values since its foundation, and they are  contained in the Code of Ethics in the form of policies and guidelines.  The following set of rules is binding for all Duna House real estate agents and the company´s management oversees the Code of Ethics compliance.

  1. Duna House real estate agent shall act with honesty, in a competent manner and should adhere to principles of morality as well as legal standards valid in the Czech Republic.
  2. Duna House real estate agent is obliged to refrain from any actions that might damage prestige that Duna House Group enjoys with its clients, public and colleagues. Duna House Group ensures that it is considered by the general public as a highly qualified, professional and generally accepted system of prime real estate services.
  3. Duna House real estate agent will not damage with his/her actions the legitimate interests and rights of the client. He/She treats all clients equally in a non-discriminatory manner in terms of race, religion, nationality, political preference or other.
  4. Duna House real estate agent chooses to act in such a way so that he/she misuses his/her position to the client’s detriment.
  5. Duna House real estate agent will always avoid untruths, distortion of facts and misleading information. Duna House colleagues must not use deceptive or unfair practices in the exercise of their business activity.
  6. Duna House real estate agent must not make public client’s confidential information that are provided by client and are not commonly accessible, not even after the termination of cooperation.
  7. Duna House real estate agent preserves confidentiality of business activities in respect of third parties, event after they have terminated.  
  8. Duna House real estate agent cooperates with other real estate agents of the company if it is in the client’s interest. During this cooperation one real estate agent must never intentionally damage his/her colleague’s performance and reputation. He/she will always respect the guiding principles: good cooperation, politeness and collegiality.
  9. Duna House real estate agent is aware of his/her responsibility for the business processes and thus he/she engages in continuous training on all aspects of real estate business.
  10. Duna House real estate agent will always provide services and products of the highest possible quality.

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Our clients said

I got to know Henriett when selling our apartment owned together with my ex-husband." (Henriett Pusztai, Nagy Lajos király útja).  Our relationship has been friendly from the first moment, we came to a common denominator immediately as we are of the same type of personality. Consequently our working relation has been transformed into friendship as well.

— Zsófia, Budapest