What should I do, if I cannot find an appropriate property on the website of Duna House?

You can find our full range of properties on the website of Duna House, except in the rare case, if the seller asks us for our discretion and to not advertise the property on public forums, but to show it for appropriate potential buyers only.


In addition to this, there are several hundreds of properties waiting to be activated at any given moment, where we are waiting for authorization, title deed or other administrative solutions. It is worth waiting a little while and then search for the property again. Based on your parameters of search you can ask your agent to send you corresponding offers via e-mail. If you like the offer, you can then easily arrange a visit.


Feel free to register on our website and save the parameters of search, or save offers to favourites, follow your favourite real estates and receive notification when the prices drop.


Do I pay for the services of the Duna House financial advisers?


As a buyer you are entitled to a large portfolio of services for FREE. Even our financial consulting provided by a third party is FREE OF CHARGE. Financial adviser saves your time – he/she compares the mortgage and loan offers of leading Czech banks and designs your financial plan, so that you can easily purchase your dream property.


Do I need to use the services of Duna House lawyer?


The services of Duna House lawyer are a benefit in the first place – he/she prepares the Preliminary Agreement for Purchase, Purchase Contract, provides consultancy on transfer of a property and a custody of financial assets – you may but do not need to take advantage of that. You are free to choose any lawyer for preparing the Purchase Contract.

It can happen, that our colleague offers you a lawyer, with whom he/she had good experiences, but it's always an offer of the realtor and not an official offer of Duna House, and the decision will be definitely yours. In case you choose a lawyer by yourself, all the related expenses are then not included in Duna House fees.


Does the property need to be insured for the purchase?


The home insurance is not conditional to the purchase of the property. However, if you intend to finance the property with a mortgage loan, it is a common practice that the bank requires the property to be insured in order to be able to provide you the mortgage loan.


What is the tax on transfer of real estate property and how can I pay it?


The tax on transfer of real estate property is governed by the Article 340/2013: the buyer is liable to pay the tax. If the buyer fails to pay the tax, the financial authority will automatically address the seller with the request to pay the tax (the seller can then recover the tax from the buyer). The tax need to be payed until the end of the 3rd month following the registration of the property in the land register. During that time the buyer is also responsible for submitting of the tax declaration document. The tax on transfer of real estate property amounts to 4 % of the basis of assessment of the property. The basis of assessment is defined with the expert estimate of the price, eventually with the real purchase price on the market. The tax is always counted based on the higher estimate.


If you cooperate with Duna House, it is a common practice that our lawyer takes care of this process for you.


How much is the commission?


The commission is set up based on agreement and the concrete situation in the region. The commission is basically the remuneration for the real estate agency for the mediation services, the matchmaking between the seller and the buyer. Other services include advertising, drafting of contracts and other necessary documents (Reservation and Purchase Contract, Agreement for Liquidity, proposal of registration of the property, Power of Attorney etc.), custody of financial assets, supervision of tax on transfer of real estate property payment by the seller – all these services are included in the commission.


What are the stages of purchase and the transfer of the property?

  1. Buyer and seller sign the Agreement on Mediation.
  2. Duna House has found a buyer for the property.
  3. Buyer signs the Reservation Contract so to express his/her interest in the property. Buyer deposits the reservation charge – around 4 % of the purchase price of the property.
  4. Both sides have signed the Reservation Contract and are thus committed to sign the Purchase Contract. The deadline for signing the Purchase Contract is set up in the Reservation Contract.
  5. Right before signing the Purchase Contract or simultaneously, both sides sign the Deposit Contract on the money transfer to the custody. The contract defines the form of custody:
  • Notary custody
  • Advocate custody
  • Escrow account
  • Non-bank custody

In case of any block on the side of the seller, the reservation charge is returned to the buyer. On the other hand, if the buyer does not comply with the conditions of the purchase, the reservation charge is forfeited to the real estate agency. The real estate agency is entitled to the commission in case of the blocking of the transaction on the seller’s side, in case that the real estate agency has complied with all the conditions specified in the Agreement on Mediation.

  1. The Purchase Contract is signed.
  2. If the buyer purchases the property on credit and guarantees with the property itself or any other, the registration in the land register will firstly include the right of pre-emption and the pledge on the property in favour of the bank that provides the mortgage loan. Consequently, the bank can hand over the financial assets.
  3. Based on the Purchase Contract the real estate agent will submit a request for the transfer of ownership to the buyer in the land register. The Land Register Office has to answer the request in 30 days.
  4. Once the registration of the new owner is completed, the financial assets are discharged from custody in favour of the seller. On this occasion it is recommended to pay the property tax that amounts to 4 % of the purchase price of the property (or the expert’s estimated price, the higher of the two is always taken into account).


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Our clients said

I got to know Henriett when selling our apartment owned together with my ex-husband." (Henriett Pusztai, Nagy Lajos király útja).  Our relationship has been friendly from the first moment, we came to a common denominator immediately as we are of the same type of personality. Consequently our working relation has been transformed into friendship as well.

— Zsófia, Budapest