Step by Step

1Setting the search criteria

You are not very clear on what you are looking for? Let us advise you. Our agents will go through the database together with showing you the options which will help you specify your requirements. Would you like to finance your new home with a mortgage or credit? Services of our financial advisers are FREE. Our financial adviser will help you find the most suitable option of financing considering your future prospects.


2Property visit

We have it! All parameters match your criteria. We then arrange the meeting between you and the owner. In advance you will be provided with all the necessary information including pictures, plans, condition of the property etc. We will introduce you to all the technical parameters of the property so that you can decide whether or not you want to invest your time into the visit. Before the visit we will ask you to sign the Procuring Cause. Since we take pride in our professionalism, we want to guarantee maximum security for our clients. The only consequence for you is that in case you want to purchase this specific property found by our agents, you will proceed with Duna House. On the other hand, the owner of the property can follow who enters into his/her privacy. Even if you did not like the property in the end, do not hesitate to tell the agent so that he can understand your needs better and the next pick is the right one.



Perfect! Our real estate agent has found the property of your dreams. Now, you proceed with the Reservation Agreement, or the so-called Preliminary Purchase Contract. You pay the reservation deposit and consequently you sign the Purchase Contract. Our legal advisor stays at your disposal for all the legal steps to be taken. Our financial advisers will assist you with financing of your property for FREE. Buyers can also use the legal custody of financial assets! Finally, having signed the Purchase Contract and done the financial transfer, you are registered in the land register as the new owner.


You are not alone! Duna House experts will help you find your path through the fog of the real estate market. Contact us!

Kérdése van? Forduljon hozzánk bizalommal vagy keresse az önhöz legközelebbi irodánkat!

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