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The rental market is changing every minute – the dream flat you saw on the portal yesterday is gone the next week, as the demand exceeds the supply substantially. Visiting the properties that are offered to you might take you months and you often face disappointment as the picture does not reflect reality.


Duna House real estate agents receive an update on offers of properties several times per day. The agents can thus immediately match you with the offer that corresponds to your criteria.

You save time and money!


  • Show day

Before the show day you will have receive all pertinent information regarding the property from your agent – plan of the property, map of the area, photos, and others. Our agents proceed fast and efficiently. They arrange the meeting with the owner of the property on your preferred day. Eventually for you to stay comfortable Duna House agent will arrange more meetings in one day with other owners whose properties you are interested in.

  • Specific criteria

Are your criteria of search a bit unusual? Barrier-free access, noise abatement, or you want to live with your pets? Duna House will help you find the corresponding offer, take care of administration and in cooperation with the company lawyer we will incorporate your specific criteria into the lease contract.

  • Fair-play

We will make it to the finish line! We only negotiate about the lease with the owner or the person officially responsible for the property – unlike our competition no one else is included. Our legal department will process the lease contract that will include the definition of your rights and requirements so that you can always refer back to the contract in case of difficulties. Duna House will then reserve the flat/house, hand over your deposit, and on your request the agent may also assist on the actual take-over of the keys so to stay by your side and make sure that you have received the property in its best shape. Contact us now!

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I was with you but only 2 have a nice interior. Quiet and pleasant arrangement. I recommend

— J.T., Praha