Rent in 3 Steps

1Setting the search criteria

The first time you visit us in our Duna House office be ready to be grilled a bit, as we will want to know everything about your requirements as well as your secret wishes. Confused about real estate market? We will provide you with an insight into the actual situation and we will confront your ideas with the actual offer. You simply do not know yet? – Never mind. Duna House agents are well trained to be able to ask you questions so that you will clarify your idea of ideal housing for yourself and for us.

2Show Day

Duna House agent will enlist properties corresponding to your search criteria in terms of location, price and other parameters. Before the Show Day you will have received all the pertinent information including pictures of the property. We are professionals and we protect our clients - this is why before the Show Day you will be asked to sign the Procuring Cause. Duna House agent will arrange the meeting with the owner and he will guide you through the Show Day as well as he/she will answer all your questions.

You do not like it? – Never mind. Seeing the first property, you might have only just clarified what you are looking for. Talk to you agent, he/she can then understand better your search criteria and needs. The next time around you will be presented with corresponding properties and you can even visit a few of them in only one day.

3Reservation and lease contract

Once you have made your decision, everything runs smoothly! The renter deposits the reservation fee – commission, and the refundable fee (usually this comes up to one or two monthly rents). And finally Duna House processes the lease contract.

Kérdése van? Forduljon hozzánk bizalommal vagy keresse az önhöz legközelebbi irodánkat!

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Our clients said

We are more than satisfied with the work of your colleague, Huszárné Palotás Erika (Szeged) and the service given by her. In Erika we have got to know a real “Duna House fairy” during the sales process of the two properties owned by our family. Therefore we have also decided to entrust your company with the sales of a more valuable property.

— Diána Szabadi, Szeged